Read this Privacy Policy before using our products  because it will tell you how we collect and use  your personal data. It is important to understand that using this application implies your consent to this privacy model.

Information We Collect Through Your Use of Our Applications

In some function of our service, such as achievments or leaderboard,  we need collect and share your game information other  users. Those informations including: your  name in game, avatar, scores, achievments and some other statistics connected with game.

Since the Application does not require you to login or register, then Makajo software does not explicitly collect any user information in the Application. However the Application does use third party software from Google (Google Play Game Services) in order to access their game systems, which require login if you wish to connect to their systems to view high scores and achievements. Makajo does not store this login information, but it may be stored by Google.

Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app

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Last updated February 07, 2019